Training: Microsoft Excel

Working Smart, Not Hard - Making Excel Function for You

A good command of Microsoft Excel is of benefit to all levels of the organisation from Administration to IT and even Marketing. It offers a myriad skills including the ability to effectively structure, capture, visualise and manipulate data. We go beyond teaching to integrating. Data is nothing without the ability to mine it effectively. If prepared properly, data can be analysed to guide business decisions such as efficiency, stock, finance, database and workflow. We offer three Microsoft Excel courses for occasional, intermediate and advanced users. Our training courses all come with instructional design manuals.

Duration: One Day
Cost: R1,499.00
T. +27(0)21 100 3599


Who should attend?

  • Needs to interrogate large data sets
  • Works with large data sets that have been imported from an external source and need data cleansing
  • Creates workbooks for the use by others where the integrity of the data input needs to be controlled

Course Benefits

  • This course explores the most commonly used functions that help you accomplish tasks that would be impossible with standard formulas as well as features that will enhance time efficiency and maintain the integrity of data input.

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Understanding the use of Text in Functions Text as an answer in a function | Text as a criterion in a function | Excel generated text as an answer | Using Excel generated text as a criterion
  • Lesson 2: Range Names Creating range names | Using range names in formulas and functions | Editing range names | Deleting range names
  • Lesson 3: Tables and Data Validation Applying a table to data | Naming a cell range in a table | Creating a validation list using a range name
  • Lesson 4: Logical Functions IF | Nested IF | IFS | IFERROR | OR | Nested IF OR | AND | Nested IF AND
  • Lesson 5: Maths/Trig/Statistical Functions SUMIF | SUMIFS | COUNTIF | COUNTIFS | ROUND | ROUNDUP | ROUNDDOWN
  • Lesson 6: Lookup Functions VLookup | HLookup | Nested IFERROR VLOOKUP | INDIRECT

We also offer cost effective in-house training. This workshop can be held exclusively as an in-house option for your organisation.
We provide a 20% discount for those clients who opt to use their own training venue with a minimum of 10 candidates.
Candidates receive a Certificate of Attendance on successful completion.