Training: Microsoft Excel

Data Cleansing

When importing data into Excel from a third-party application, the data is not always pulled through in the correct format which hinders the data analysis process. A common example is that dates often get pulled through as text so you cannot sort in the periodic date format. The features and functions covered in this course will teach you how to quickly clean your imported data in minutes rather than hours. You will also learn simple techniques on how to restrict the type of data users can enter into a spreadsheet.

Duration: One Day
Cost: R1,499.00
T. +27(0)21 100 3599


Who should attend?

  • Anyone who downloads data from an external ERP system like Oracle, SAP, etc. for data analysis
  • Anyone who creates spreadsheets for use by others

Course Benefits

  • Data cleansing is the process of spotting and rectifying inaccurate or corrupt data in a database. Maintaining the integrity of data saves time and increase productivity.

Course Outline

  • Find and Replace Find & Replace | Find Errors with Go To Special Constants | Remove Duplicates
  • Text Functions Trim | Concatenate | Left | Mid | Right | Proper | Lower | Upper | Replace | Substitute | Clean
  • Date Functions Text to Columns: Dates | Month | Year | Date
  • Flash Fill
  • Maintaining the Integrity of Data using Range Names, Data Validation and Cell Protection Creating, Editing and Deleting Range Names | Restricting Data Entry using Validation Rules and Validation Lists | Using Range Names and Tables to Quickly Update Validation Lists | Creating Cascading (Dependent) Validation Lists using Range Names | Protecting Cell Contents from being Overwritten

We also offer cost effective in-house training. This workshop can be held exclusively as an in-house option for your organisation.
We provide a 20% discount for those clients who opt to use their own training venue with a minimum of 10 candidates.
Candidates receive a Certificate of Attendance on successful completion.