Educate, Empower and Inform

Whether you require one-one-one, group, internal, external or outsourced training and recruitment in the telecoms industry, The Telecoms Academy is best suited to provide you with the right solution, the first time. We combine high-level business thinking with technical telecoms know-how to deliver training solutions that make a positive impact.

We use a mix of training methodologies to create training that resonates and is immediately relatable. Training is at the heart of what we do and deliver training with heart.

Our passion is to Educate, Empower and Inform the telecoms industry.


We EDUCATE and bring knowledge to those who embark in the world of telecoms:

  • Customer service
  • Product Training
  • Project management
  • Sales training
  • Telesales training
  • VoIP 1st line troubleshooting training
  • VoIP 2nd line technical support
  • VoIP hardware installation (ADSL modems, Gateways, IP PBX)


We EMPOWER, design and provide personalised branded training to the service providers representatives and channel partners on products and services, incorporating the company’s revenue strategy, growth and branding:

  • Product training
  • Sales training


We INFORM users on how to enjoy and gain the benefit of your technology and improve productivity, client experience and confidence in their abilities:

  • Telephone etiquette
  • User handset/ application/ softphone training
  • User system training

About Felicity Menge

Lead Trainer: The Telecoms Academy
One in three people leave their jobs in the first year. The cost to company of losing that one employee in the first year can be up to three times that person’s salary. Further research shows that it takes almost a year for a new employee to start adding value. Effective onboard training can make all the difference. Employees are your biggest and most valuable asset. Let’s help them to help you shine. Speak to us about our combined Talent Acquisition and Onboard Training offering.

The Benefits of Staff Training

Felicity has an intimate understanding of all aspects of the telecoms market garnered over 30 years in the industry.

This includes excellent abilities in marketing, product development, network operations, technology evolution and competitive dynamics among others. Clients and learners alike benefit from her skills as an arbitrator, speaker, strategist as well as consultant. Felicity uses a mix of training methodologies to deliver dynamic training experiences that engage learners with relevant and actionable content.

Talent Acquisition

  • Better Quality of Services & Products
  • Brand Consistency
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Higher Revenue
  • Improved Productivity
  • Lower Staff Turnover
  • Reduced Supervision
  • Staff Loyalty

Companies who invest in training have


Employees feel that they are not reaching their full potential

72% of employees are happy to financially contribute to their own training

7 out of 10 employees say that training directly influences their decision to stay with companies

59% of employees are more likely to stay if the employer offers training opportunities

40% of employees with poor training opportunities leave their jobs within the first year

68% of workers say that training and development is the most important workplace policy

35% of employers say that on-the-job training enhance staff morale in their companies

65% of staff say that training and development positively affect the attitude about the job

Companies with 100 employees or less invest in 12 minutes of training every 6 months