We’re here to help you acquire top talent and pinpoint opportunities.

In a recently released report by The Bureau of Labour Statistics, the current working person has an average of 11.9 jobs during a 26-year period of his or her working life. This means an average job commitment of a little more than two years.

Employee retention is important to employers for reasons related to hiring and training costs, as well as business continuity. A good recruitment and selection process eliminate applicants whose work history and intent don’t indicate their desire to remain with your company for more than the average length of time.

This is where we come in. We help alleviate some of this pressure, needle away the stress associated with the recruitment process and help you pinpoint the best talent.

We have an excellent network, in-depth technical knowledge, 30 plus solid years industry experience coupled with a reasonable and flexible pricing structure which makes us the placement and talent acquisition partner of choice.

Feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack?

We specialise in telecoms and easily access the niche talent pool. We’re able to counsel clients on requirements and match those to candidate’s salary scales and career expectations.

We scale our offering to suit your needs. We partner with smaller companies as they grow to provide them recruitment resources and collaborate with HR Departments for a more seamless recruitment process.

Staff are your biggest brand ambassadors. We aim to improve our clients’ reputations by finding the most suitable candidates who root and grow with you. Even unsuccessful candidates should leave as ambassadors.

With an intimate understanding of telecoms, we pre-test candidates to verify technical competency. We also match the candidate’s skillset to the specific job requirements to ensure a best match.

  • Refining the job specifications
  • Database searches and filtering
  • Advertising on various job portals, website and social media platforms
  • Advert response handling and filtering
  • First round testing to verify technical competency
  • Reference checking
    • Background checks
    • Qualification verification
    • Shortlisting process and interviews
    • Salary negotiations and counsel
    • Candidate liaison and feedback
    • Ongoing client and candidate support