Felicity Menge

Founder and Managing Director

The telecoms industry has moved at breakneck speed since it was catapulted into the limelight in South Africa in 1994. I have been privileged to be a part of its growth since then. I continue to assist numerous organizations of various sizes, both local and international, keep abreast of its developments to make this technology work for them and their employees.

With my intimate knowledge and expertise garnered during the 30 years fulfilling various roles from executive and management right through to CEO and founder of my own successful companies, I consider myself an expert consultant in the telecom’s arena today.

As an enthusiastic and entrepreneurial self-starter, I have a passion for the continuous improvement of the sector. I couple this with my ability to direct high-level business. My clients therefore also benefit from my skills as an arbitrator, speaker, strategist as well as consultant.

My intimate understanding of all aspects in the telecoms market includes excellent abilities in marketing, product development, network operations, technology evolution and competitive dynamics among others. This therefore also makes me a preferred HR partner and recruiter to the sector.

I understand that telecoms is about more than just communication.  And, I am always willing to communicate and assist others do the same through the power of telecommunications.  I look forward to being in touch.

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